The Incredible Folk

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  • Reagan Stage

THE INCREDIBLE FOLK is a group of local misfits and musicians whose humble beginnings all started, fortuitously, in the Sauk Valley area. Each pursued individual adventures and careers in places near and far for their first few decades. Eventually all their roads led back home with them bringing the imprints of their unique experiences. When these men began their musical journey as a group, they transformed into unstoppable green beasts with unlimited strumming, beating, and singing power. They became THE INCREDIBLE FOLK which, incredibly, consists of the following folk: Athan Mireles – Drums Patrick McCue – Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Etc. Jeff Taylor – Bass & Vocals Jason Tomasino – Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Etc. Each member brings a different musical vibe to the experience for a little smash up we like to refer to as SoulBilly.