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We welcome back the North American Midway Entertainment Carnival. Vouchers for daily wristbands will be available at a discount prior to the Festival for $25 each at the Petunia Festival Headquarters Office during regular office hours.

Please note that it does not cost anything to walk through the carnival area. The prices listed above are for the rides. Individual tickets are available for purchase.  Each ride costs 2, 3 or 4 tickets. Presale ticket vouchers can be used on any day you choose. 

Town-wide Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Explore the City of Dixon while experiencing fun, family and friends! Capture memories with the best Dixon has to offer!

A first-time event for The Petunia Festival, The Town-Wide Photo Scavenger Hunt is celebrating the reason we are here; the People of Dixon and the Petunia City itself. Throughout the Festival, participants take photos with objects from the list that make Dixon what is!

The event will be taking place on social media during the festival with a submission deadline of Monday, July 5, 2021 by 11:59pm. Winners will be announced on July 6, 2021. Each photo posted (either all together in one post or individually) will count as one entry. BONUS POINTS! Capture all 20 photo categories and receive an additional five entries! 

Rules & Restrictions

  • #capturethefest2021 must be in the caption of the photo so that all entries can be tracked.
  • Please denote which item from the list is included in your photo.
  • Photo(s) can be posted separately or individually on either Facebook or Instagram, but entries will only be counted once per photo.
  • Photo(s) cannot include multiple items from the list in one photo. One object per photo.
  • Scoring: 1 Photo = 1 Point/Entry; All 20 Photos = Bonus 5 Points/Entries.


  1. Picture with a Board Member 
  2. Picture with a member of the Petunia Festival Royalty
  3. Picture with a hanging petunia basket
  4. Picture with Ronald Reagan 
  5. Picture with Abraham Lincoln or his cabin
  6. Picture with an Elite Jumper (Dog Show) 
  7. Picture with favorite attraction at the carnival
  8. Picture with or on favorite carnival ride 
  9. Picture with a police officer 
  10. Picture with a firefighter 
  11. Picture with a flag
  12. Picture at your favorite sit-down restaurant 
  13. Picture at your favorite fast-food restaurant 
  14. Picture at your favorite place for dessert 
  15. Picture at your favorite playground 
  16. Picture at your favorite park 
  17. Picture at your favorite place to get coffee
  18. Picture in a cornfield 
  19. Picture of group reflection in something other than a mirror 
  20. Picture of group forming (or attempting to form) a pyramid

Winner will receive four free festival admission passes for the 2022 Petunia Festival. (The whole Festival has to happen before a winner can be named.)

Please note: The Petunia Festival does not promote, nor is responsible for trespassing, damage or injuries to oneself, others, or personal, private and public properties.

*Any picture shared with the Petunia Festival is given express permission by the owner to be used in any marketing for the Petunia Festival without consent for rights.*