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'You have to live through a Festival ...'

The Mission of the Dixon Petunia Festival Corporation is to foster a spirit of teamwork among the business community, civic and religious organizations, community leaders, and private citizens to help promote pride, tourism, growth, and development for the Dixon area. The Board will vote on new members during the October annual meeting. All applications must be submitted before the last Friday in September. Any application received after that date may not be reviewed until the following year’s annual meeting.


  1. To provide a variety of quality entertainment, sports, recreation, and fine arts.
  2. To provide the Dixon community a showcase for its resources in order to encourage area growth and development.
  3. To provide tourism in the Rock River Valley.
  4. To provide local individuals the opportunity to develop leadership skills within the framework of the festival organization.
  5. To re-evaluate festival events annually in order to provide an exciting festival each year.

Board Member Expectations


  1. The Petunia Festival Board is a professional organization and its members are expected to represent that professionalism with respect and courtesy during board meetings and interaction with the public at Festival sponsored events.
  2. Unless it is announced publicly (via press release, etc.), information discussed amongst board members needs to stay within the Membership.
  3. There’s a lot of fun to be had throughout the year and the week of the Festival, but board members should never take advantage of these opportunities and always remain a professional representative of the Board and its mission.

Monthly Board Meetings

  1. Each board member is expected to attend and contribute at meetings held the second Monday of each month. While regular attendance is expected, occasional exceptions for personal reasons are acceptable and should be reported to the President and/or Secretary in advance of the scheduled meeting.
  2. The meeting format is somewhat formal in that Robert’s Rules of Order are utilized, non-business, side conversations should be kept to a minimum, and respect of other members and the authority of the President should be maintained throughout the meeting.
  3. Members are also expected to attend additional committee-specific meetings as scheduled, particularly as the week of the Festival nears.

The Petunia Festival

  1. Board members on duty are Festival staff, not attendees, and should always present/interact professionally. This includes wearing Petunia Festival Board Member polo shirts at all times on duty.
  2. Board members are expected to be present during most times the Festival grounds are open. This includes participation in the member’s committees’ events and additional volunteering opportunities. Reasonable work, family/personal and free/fun time each day is acceptable but Board membership should be recognized as the substantial time commitment that it is.

Board Member Interest Form

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